Wednesday, January 2, 2013

It is marvelous what one reads in the newspaper

Now that Christmas is over and D1 has returned to Sydney I once again have time to research my family and I found this description of my first cousin twice removed, Frederick William Forwood, from a newspaper dated 1906:

. Forwood had only 1/ in his- possession. It is believed that he had been receiving remittances from Adelaide. The following description of F. W. For wood is taken from The Police' Gazette:— 'About 30 years of age. 5 ft. 5½ in. high, fair complexion, medium build, thin, fair moustache only, flushed checks, stoops when walking, peculiar walk, as with tender feet, generally wears fine serge suit and white straw hat, is addicted to drink, and is a heavy smoker of cigars; wears gold watchchain, gold locket with ruby in centre, ring with large diamond, and ring with three rubies: late customs agent at Port Adelaide. Offender left Port Adelaide on July 25 last, and was seen in Mel bourne three days later. Arrest very desirable. Expenses have been guaranteed for the extradition of offender from any State in the Commonwealth. A reward of £100 was offered by the Federal authorities in connection with the arrest of Forwood.

The mind boggles slightly at all that jewellery.  A very unprepossessing little man and very silly too  -  he received hardly any reward for helping his Uncle Charles, who grabbed most of the loot.

Freddie was arrested in New Zealand after a tip-off from his landlady's daughter but more of the story later when I have put it all in order and added it to the web hub.  I am using html but would never dare to publish it all on the internet  -  I think.  Maybe I'll change my mind but there are too many people who might read it and be upset. 

I have no qualms about publishing the description above; it is the public domain and anyone can go to the Trove website and find it.

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