Saturday, January 5, 2013

Easter already?

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany.

I popped down to Coles to buy a few things and  ... there are hot crossed buns for sale.  I suppose that there is no season for eating buns but it is only 6th January and it is far too early to be crossing them.

I have been playing with my MS Surface.  They do have some good games and I can now turn it on and off.  Off was the problem and not as simple as the other versions of Windows.  I can't see myself using the tablet as a proper computer but it is early days yet.

I decided on cold cucumber soup as a first course for lunch tomorrow as the weather is hot, still and humid.  I found a nice easy recipe on the web but it seemed far too bland so I threw in the juice of a lemon.  It really needs chilli but we are having a chicken tagine for the main course and one can overdo the chilli.  I'll let it sit for the minimum four hours which the recipe recommends and then try a dash of sherry if it needs a little something extra.

I have been reading up on Great, Great Uncle Charles and discovered that he spent some of his ill-gotten gains on shares in a mine at Balhannah (Where "the Martin Block" was located) called The Bird in Hand Goldmine.  Therefore it was a coincidence when I popped down to the grog shop for some rosé and found a pink wine called "The Bird in Hand".  Of course I had to buy it and will serve it tomorrow so I hope that it is not too awful.  I hadn't realised that there was now a winery at Woodside.  The area is on the edge of the Barossa Valley, of course, but it was mostly apples in my day.

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