Friday, January 4, 2013

I don't like Surface

Australia Post has failed to deliver the "How to ... " book on MS Surface and I have been trying to work it out myself.  I will say right now that I don't like it.

This morning Microsoft actually emailed me an internet site with some hints to get me started, something for which I had searched in vain since I collected the thing; it came with no instructions except to go online and get the instructions.  That is fine if you have another computer but if you are relying on Surface for help then you are going to have a very sorry time of it.

Anyway  -  the home page is set to which is not what I want at all.  I like Google because it is very fast loading and gives me an address field quickly.  I managed to make it give me little squares with a choice of which one I wanted but my modem didn't like that at all, sulked and had to be timelined.

Another non-plus is that Surface doesn't support POP3 and I can't set up my iinet email and I have only worked out how to use yahoo which seems to have become my default email service.

I am going to have to buy a wireless mouse because the touchpad doesn't seem to have left and right buttons.  Presumably I don't need them but I can't highlight anything at the moment. I am sure that there is a way but I haven't found it yet.

Maybe the book will arrive on Monday but Himself, Herself and Herself's brother are coming to lunch and will not appreciate me shutting myself into my study with my Surface.  Techie has promised to come and set it all up and connect it to the system but I'd like to suss it out myself if I can.  There is always the option of returning it to default and starting over again.

Suddenly my iPad is child's play.  Perhaps a time will come when Surface feels that way but I think that it is going to be a long way into the future.

I'll keep you posted.

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