Thursday, March 7, 2013

That other shoe

The other shoe has dropped.  I have received the codicil to my great-grandfather's will and even though he examined it and made a minor change to it the day before he died, there is still no mention of the twins, leading me to believe that the twins were not his.  They had just turned one year old when he died so if he had intended to make provision for them he would surely have mentioned them in the codicil.  All that research and now I will have to start again with that branch, plough through the old newspapers because there was a law suit regarding the sale of some shares and see just how it was that the twins ended up so well off if they started life with nothing.  And research my great-grandmother's second husband.

I have started a course of six Intermediate Yoga lessons with a different teacher so things are a bit strange and I am stiff again.  I am doing battle with the 'Tree' pose which I find very hard because my balance is bad and standing on one leg is not eaasy.  I am finding that I can do it standing on a really firm floor like the tiles in my apartment but I can't do it on a mat or carpet.  I will keep working on it.  My ambition was to be able to do the Warrior poses and I can do them now so hopefully it is just going to be a matter of time and application.

The cats are well but Parsifal made off with a diamond ring (he likes carrying bottle tops around) and I eventually found it underneath the filing cabinet in my study, along with a rubber ball which he had managed to jam underneath as well.

They have both become addicted to being brushed and the sound of ripping velcro brings Parsifal running.  Poppy has taken longer to decide that she likes it and I have to be much more gentle with her but they both roll from side to side and onto their backs so that I can brush every part of them.  There is actually nothing left to brush  -  I have go rid of all the loose hair but do it anyway because they, particularly Parsifal, enjoy it so much.

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