Friday, March 8, 2013

Free WiFi on my doorstep

I have just popped downstairs to test the WiFi hotspot in the Claremont Quarter and it is alive and well.  I'll be able to go down and play games on my Surface and my I-pad and not have to worry about high bandwidth useage.  I was horrified when I found how much bandwidth my AnkhMorpork app used and decided to only access it during my 'freetime' but I will now be joining the group on the circular couch in the mall.

I have transcribed that Codicil and added it to that Will and my next job, other than the much-married Davies family (which I keep on relegating to the too-hard basket), is to trawl through the old court cases and try to discover how the trustees wriggled around the will and how the twins both ended up so rich.

Perhaps my great-grandfather was declared of unsound mind when he wrote the codicil; the solicitor who drew up the will and the codicil was obviously sufficiently troubled to actually attach a description of the drawing up of the codicil so perhaps that was used to include the twins in their legal father's legacy.

I promised, when I said that I would try to write an accurate family history, to write it warts and all.  But this is rather a large wart ...

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