Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Autumn has arrived very suddenly

... and yesterday was cold!

I shut all the doors and turned on the heating.  The little control panel said that it was time to clean the filter and since it was a job which I always did at the witches' Sabbaths I figured that it was timely but when I removed the grid I found that there was no filter behind it.  I assume that all the dust goes into some great collection filter in the sky; (I think that the main air conditioning unit is on the roof) so I pressed the reset button and hopefully that is all I need to do.

I have started on the Davies family but having gone to Trove to get details of various divorces I was again hooked into the Hundreds of Onkaparinga court cases.  H. B. was very litigageous and it seems to be one contested will after another, the latest being that of his mother with a suggestion that she was demented when she wrote her last Will and that the previous one should be the one considered to be her proper wishes.

However, although I now think that he was my great-grandfather, I am not going to research him in any depth.  He was a stockbroker, a magistrate and stood for Parliament (but I have yet to discover if he was elected) and a gambler.  Perhaps that is why he was constantly involved in disputed Wills.

The Selfs are overseas and Herself has kitted Himself out with thermal underwear which, from what I have been reading about blizzards in Europe, they will both be needing.

I haven't posted any pictures of the cats for a while so here is one of Parsifal helping (?) me to sweep the floor.  Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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