Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pity about my flu vaccination scheduled for 8th April

I have the flu.  Not a very bad case but enough to be uncomfortable but have hit on a medication routine which is keeping me on my feet.  I have headaches and hot flushes and it is trying to go to my chest as usual with these URTIs.

I am entertaining myself by working on the Family History and Bro sent me a newsletter from 1950 with a potted history of Father's progress through Elder Smith & Company.  It gives DATES!

The family moved from Melbourne in 1940, much earlier than I had thought because I have a couple of flashes of memory relating to the move.  I would have been only 18 months old at the latest so that is amazing.  They are just quick mental pictures but they are there; I just hadn't realised that I was so young.

The family history is coming on slowly.  The problem is that the more I dig the more information I discover so, like my genealogy research, it is going to be never-ending.  There is still one branch, predictably on my mother's side of the family because I have started looking at convict records for one of my great great grandfathers.  But even the convict records are not turning up anything relevant.

Most of the photos which I have posted have been of Parsifal because he is his mother's little helper whereas Poppy is the lapcat which doesn't make for very interesting pictures but here is one of her which I may have posted before.  It is a nice photo, though, and worth repeating.  click on the image to enlarge it.

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