Monday, July 15, 2013

All that spin

D3 and I met up at Bilby Yarns where I bought 1kilo of blended natural tops all ready for E.Roberta when she arrives.  If I can spin thick enough I will knit myself a bulky jacket to replace the one which the kittens have taken over.  They get quite miffed if I put it on and do their very best to remove it.

I had made a previous visit to Bilby and bought a fleece which I am in the process of combing prior to spinning it on E.Emma since the cats do not seem particularly interested in eating the fleece.  That, of course, may be due to the rather strong smell of naphtha flakes.  All that E.Emma needs is a new drive band and tension it up and I can start spinning.  E.Roberta's agent has predicted that she will arrive tomorrow but I am not holding my breath on that one.  I have already emptied most of E.Emma's bobbins; there are a couple containing yarn still to be plied, an activity which came to a sudden halt when the connection between the treadle and the footman broke.

I am enjoying getting back to spinning even though, at the moment, I am doing the mucky bit with the raw fleece but I love handling that soft, greasy stuff and I am not sure how I will get on with tops.  D3 says that they are very easy to spin and there is no preparation needed but somehow that seems to be cheating  -  simply spinning to knit or weave rather than turning a raw product into something useful.

The weather is horrible at the moment with intermittent pouring rain and thunder and the babies are both stir crazy and are very vocal.  They have been driving me crazy all morning.  Parsifal now sleeps on top of his igloo which he jumps on to squash the top down.  I'd love to be able to read his mind; I've never met a cat so curious and so inventive.

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