Thursday, July 11, 2013

Spinning into the future

Today is my birthday and I received the receipt for an electronic spinner which I have been negotiating for for several days.  I can't call it a spinning wheel because it is not exactly a wheel-driven device.  I have my lovely Ertoel Emma and I intend to keep on using it  -  at this stage anyway, but I am an across the body left-handed spinner and with the treadle on my left side it puts a lot of strain onto my left knee.  However, I have bought a small Corridale fleece and will use Emma for that and start of with tops on the new spinner, an Ertoel Roberta which should arrive late next week or early the week after.  I had refused to even consider an electric spinner before now but this one has a pause pedal for extra control and I can position it correctly for my style of spinning

Fortunately, so far, Parsifal doesn't seem interested in the fleece and wool would probably digest anyway but I'd prefer it if he leaves the spinning alone.

He has taken to shouting when he is using the litter tray.  I am not sure if he is praising his cleverness or if he thinks that I should run and clean away the debris; I suspect that he is announcing that it is all his own work and isn't he a clever boy!

Poppy continues to be a lap-cat and is getting into the habit of jumping up when I am at the computer which plays havoc with my typing but she is so cute that I don't have the heart to discourage her ... mostly.

Today at COTA I had my first client with a Windows 8 computer.  She had previously had an XP which died and, of course, she is totally confused by the new one.  I was able to show her round the apps but the internet kept on dropping out which made both mail and using the address line (which is at the bottom of the screen instead of the top) to navigate online impossible.  I need to sort it out next week  -  probably have to put in the Key again.

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