Saturday, August 15, 2015

Full of Sound and Fury

The Party Boys excelled themselves last night with a noise level which shook the double glazing. 

A couple of years ago, after a series of noisy parties, I had a word with the apartment's owner and said that, as I was not able to report the nuisance to the Corporate Body without first contacting the police that is what I would be forced to do in future.  Since then they have moved inside at about midnight and that has been fine since it is the partying on their patio which sends the sound straight up to my bedroom.  I told the owner that I would be forced to report the nuisance to the police before the Corporate Body would even listen to my pleas.

So last night I phoned the police to get an incident number so that I could report the noise (for the record  -  Incident number 477 469) and was told that if the noise had not abated in 30 minutes I was to phone again.  I went down and hammered on the door because they were not answering their doorbell and shouted into the ear of someone that I had contacted the police and was about to contact GP from the Management  who is there to field complaints.

I went down and told them this to give them a chance to quieten themselves down and when the door was opened there was loud pulsating music, strobe lights  -  the works.  Incredible  -  in an apartment building.

Thirty minutes later I phoned the police again only to be told that a car had already been sent and, barring MVAs or something else to delay them, they would be there at any time  -  which they were.

I received a phone call some time later to say that the Party Boys had been told to turn off the music and keep the noise level down, which they did  -  but the police hung around and as soon as the Party Boys thought that the coast was clear they turned the music on again so the police returned and everybody was sent home except for those deemed to need a taxi. I was asked to contact the police again if the music started up again and they would be around to confiscate the sound equipment.  The policewoman told me that when they opened the door their first impression was "So many people!".

GP phoned me this morning to say that enough was enough and he would be  reporting to the management this morning; it sounds as though there have been other complaints  -  not surprising.

Anyway, the police were incredibly nice and helpful and kept me in  the loop so that I knew what was going on and I was really impressed with them; they did a great job.

This morning I have a crashing headache and I hate to think how the party goers feel  -  and the mess down there is enough to send a person into a decline just to look at it  -  and I assume that the Management will be doing that.

Click on the picture to get a better view.  This is only a small part of the mess; I need a fisheye lens to get it all in.

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