Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Signng away my life

I spent most of yesterday morning signing documents to put in place Enduring Power of Attorney, Enduring Power of Guardianship, a Codicil to my Will and an Advanced Health Directory.  Now I have to get my daughters to sign various documents relating to their powers and it is a bit like herding cats; there is a list of people allowed to witness their signatures and there have to be two witnesses, both of whom have to sign and add printed name and profession along with the date which must, obviously be the same for all the signatories.  So, particularly for D2 is will take some time to get it all done

D1 lives in Sydney so all the documents will have to be couriered over to her, signed and then sent back after which some of them are to be returned to my lawyer.  Hopefully Australia Post will have got their act together and will safely deliver the documents over to Sydney and back to Perth without mislaying them or losing them altogether.

And I have a headache.  I was beginning to relate my headaches to chocolate consumption so last night I purposely ate some and  -  today I have a headache as expected.  I can cope with a small amount but no more binging; which is a good thing but a pity.

I had coffee with a friend yesterday who is also a friend of Herself and we are going to visit next week if we can arrange a suitable time.  It is good because I need someone to drive me and she needs a navigator  - and hospital visits are always easier with two people so that if Herself gets tired and drops out for a short while we can carry on a conversation while she gathers strength.  There is to be a family meeting tomorrow to decide on her care in the future so Himself will not be at COTA. 

We are having problems with internet connection at COTA and the Tuesday teacher has approached a higher authority about it.  It is sort of OK when we use the COTA computers (except that the one I use doesn't have any email facility on it) but people are, more and more, wanting to bring their own laptops in so that we can set things up the way they want them, as often their families do rather strange things.  I had one client whose son set up her computer with email and Skype BUT  NOTHING  ELSE.  Now that the banks are getting difficult about cheques it is going to be essential to teach people about internet banking and the safety rules which apply.

I only have one client tomorrow and he is bringing his own Windows 8 computer so hopefully we can connect it or he has a dongle and can do his own thing with it.

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