Saturday, August 8, 2015

Going home?

Himself has told me that Herself is now ready to go home.  A few days ago he told me that he had been told that she would never be able to stand on her own and still could not sit unsupported but now she can sit unsupported and use a slide board for transfers.   Hmmmmm ...

I worked in the system for many years and know the rules; move patients on within 28 days unless there is a very good reason to keep them a bit longer or the hospital loses its Government funding.  So Herself was moved to a regional hospital  a week ago and now they want to move her on and out.

I know the scenario  -  a review meeting which would have decided that she is not going to improve further and Himself was probably given the details of six nursing homes for him to look at and put her name onto the waiting list of at least a couple of them.  However Himself and daughter have resolved that she will never be placed in a nursing home  -  hence the decision to take her home.  However, I can't get through to Himself that he will need major modifications to their house and he needs urgently to visit the Independent Living Centre and have an OT visit to see what needs doing as far as those modifications are needed.  And I could give him some tips on how to delay the move; but he is not listening to me.

Meanwhile, in two days I will be off to the lawyer's to start signing all my end of life stuff and as far as I am concerned tht sooner it is all finalised the better.  I enjoy my life and hope that it will go on for a while longer but I greatly fear a painful death or total dependence on others to function.

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