Thursday, August 20, 2015

Oh, Frabjous Day ...

The Party Boys have moved out.  The 'incident' last Saturday night was their swan song/farewell party and as they probably knew that they had already forfeited their bond they went for broke.  The poor man across the corridor from them did a huge clean up in the passage and I understand from our wonderful cleaning person that the carpet in the corridor was sticky.  I was contacted for the Incident Number which I obtained from the police and there is to be an enquiry.

Anyway  -  they are gone and I understand that they are to be replaced by a mother and baby which will be a nice change even if the baby is teething and fractious.

Two days ago a friend and I went to visit Herself in hospital.  We got dreadfully lost trying to find the place; it is not well signposted and when we finally found the right road there was a fence across it so my poor friend had to go round and try to find another way in.  We got there eventually but it took 45 minutes.  D2 says that the hospital is marked for closure so probably no-one cares about being helpful with signage.

Herself is almost completely on the ball mentally although there were a few lapses, mainly I suspect due to helpful advice from Himself who is desperately trying to make her life as easy and comfortable as possible but perhaps not explaining things as clearly as she needs.  For example, she has hemianopia so she only sees half of the visual field.  Most people adapt by moving their head to a place where the other half of the visual field comes into focus but herself wants to be able to read and says that she has been told to read from right to left and not only is that going against a habit of a lifetime but what she is reading doesn't make sense.

Her left side has flaccid paralysis and sensory neglect but she is having fairly intense rehabilitation so maybe she will get some function back; I am not holding my breath though.  The plan is for her to be moved to a halfway house and to eventually go home but she is going to need a great deal of help if she is to be maintained there.

My Advanced Health Directory is now in place but I need to send a copy to Medic-Alert and give a copy to my general practitioner.  I also intend to get a Medic-Alert dog tag and probably replace my bracelet to have AHD engraved on it.  I will not go as far as some doctors have gone by having "Do Not Resuscitate" tattooed on my chest just where the paddles are placed.

The cats have to have their teeth scaled but it will have to wait a week or two; I seem to have suddenly got very busy which is good but my spinning output has dropped.  A good thing, perhaps; I have a lot of knitting to do to catch up.

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