Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Finally ... !

At last I am almost done with the legal stuff.  All but one of the documents has been signed.  One slipped through the net and D3 still has one to be signed and witnessed.  The documents for Landgate have gone back to the lawyer and my Advanced Care Plan has been copied to my general practitioner and MedicAlert.  I am getting a new MedicAlert bracelet and a black and silver dog tag to add to my bling; I wear a lot of black.  And a copy of the Enduring Power of Attorney has gone to my stockbroker/financial advisor who has promised to give D2 any help she needs whenever it is needed.

My general practitioner read through my Advanced Care Plan and said that it was what she wished for herself which is reassuring because Himself and his daughter are horrified that I would like to be allowed to die naturally rather than be kept alive just for the sake of some doctor not losing a patient.

Anyway, the document still to be signed by D3 is merely for Enduring Guardianship so unless I lose my mind between now and when I see her it won't matter and her two sisters can do the honours.

The cats have taken to sleeping in my dirty washing basket so most of my dirty clothes end up on the floor of the laundry because it is so peaceful when they are both asleep that I haven't the heart or the courage to turf them out.  I need to take them to the Vet to have their breath tested to see if they need to have their teeth scaled again but that can be done any time by a veterinary nurse.  Parsifal's breath is perfect but Poppy's teeth may need a bit of attention.  Her breath isn't rank but there is a slight tang of fish about it so next week, when I don't seem to have much on, we will go and pay a visit  -  weather permitting.

Himself came over yesterday, lured by the promise of me buying him lunch, to get some tips on Windows 8.  He is not coping very well with Herself in hospital but his brother flew in today and will be staying for a week which should cheer everybody up.  Herself thinks that she can move her left foot a bit but I am not holding my breath that it heralds any major improvement  -  yet.  However, she is now able to eat proper food and on Saturday evening  she got dressed up and she and Himself went to a concert, albeit in a maxi-taxi, and had a great time hearing the choir which she used to sing with.

GB2 and a friend took the puppy, Osku, for a walk in the park last weekend because he has now had all his immunisations and is allowed to meet and greet other dogs.  He was tugging hard on the lead so she removed it and it was only SIL's intervention which got him back safely.  She doesn't always think things through but she is not quite twelve yet so hopefully she will mature.

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