Thursday, September 17, 2015

What to do when COTA sends me no clients

I am typing this post from Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3 which has a smaller keyboard than I am used to so it is slow going as I tend to hit the wrong keys if I try to go fast.  I am slowly working my way through my 'to do' book for Win 10 but it is very much a case of trial and error because Aminata  doesn't always agree with the book.  One Note is a case in point; I have two versions - the App and the one which comes with my Office Suite.  To confuse things even further I have a different version again on my main desktop computer.  I am getting a little bit confused as to which one I am using but no doubt I will sort it all out in time and be ready for anything my clients throw at me.

While I am on the subject of Win 10 I have found that Microsoft Office is exactly the same as Microsoft Picture Manager for editing pictures so I am very happy about that and will not have to try to download Picture Manager from the internet as I did with my Laptop which has Classic Shell installed.

Anyway  -  to get back to my unexpectedly free morning, It was a lovely warm, sunny morning so I did what I had been putting off for a month - I loaded the cats into the Kitty Carriage and took them over to the Vet to have their teeth checked to see if they needed a general anaesthetic and a clean and scale.  Fortunately for all of us their teeth were in good condition but Poppy hissed and spat and generally made it clear that she disapproved of the whole procedure.

As a treat afterwards I walked them down to the park where they lazed in the Kitty Carriage in the sun.  Parsifal climbed out for a short while but a couple of dogs appeared and although they were very well behaved and were far more interested in the school kids having a sports lesson that the cats I thought it prudent to zip them in for safety.

I have also organised GB2'as pocket money for the next year as it is her 12th birthday today and wrapped her present.  One day in the distant future D3 and entourage will make their way over here and I can present the presents and D3 can sign the last of the 'end of life' documents.  It is not an important one but I would like to get the thing all finalised and forgotten until needed. 

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