Friday, September 4, 2015

But after all ...

I sent a copy of the Enduring Power of Attorney off to my stockbroker (the one I normally deal with has gone to play buses for two years  -  unfortunately) only to get a curt message on my answerphone to say that I had to send a Certified Copy and that an ordinary copy was not good enough.  Every Thursday evening my local library hosts a Justice of the Peace so I trotted over the road and had a new copy certified (I had to take the original out of its binding to copy it) but I can't see any reason, other than general interest, why they need a copy at this stage as I am not planning on fading out any time soon and when I do then D2 can show them the original.  So I am being anal about it and will keep the certified copy with the originals until my temper has settled down somewhat  -  which may not be any time soon.

The cats are no longer allowed to sleep in the dirty clothes basket because the day before yesterday I lost Parsifal.  Poppy was very agitated  -  she always tells me when Parsifal has got himself shut into a cupboard  -  but I couldn't find him anywhere until I heard a yowling from behind the washing machine.  The space was too narrow for him to jump up to the top and the gaps on either side were too narrow to squeeze through so I had to haul the washing machine out to rescue him.  It is very heavy so once is enough and I have reclaimed the wash basket and they are back in one of the many cat beds which are scattered around the apartment.

Himself cancelled his first computer lesson yesterday because he had to attend a family meeting to discuss Herself's progress.  The outcome is that she will be moved to a half-way house and the team think that it is very unlikely that she can ever go home again.  Poor Himself had to come to COTA and conduct a lesson after that news; goodness knows how he got through it.  His brother is over here from the Eastern States for a week so he has some support at home and his daughter is very involved but busy with her work.  The situation is tragic and he is not coping well.  Hopefully now that there is a definite plan, however unwelcome, he will be able to come to terms with the reality and start rebuilding his life.

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