Thursday, September 10, 2015

Where not to barf.

A couple of evenings ago Poppy ate her 'mush' which is an evening treat of something soft as the cats' diet is almost exclusively kibble, went to have a drink from their fountain and vomited up everything into the fountain.

I had to take the whole thing apart, clean the pump, replace the filter and wash the whole thing. Yuk!

After Himself and daughter expressing shock and horror at the thought of legally setting out my 'end of life' wishes, Herself has decided that she wants to have an Advanced Care Directive of her own  so I have given Himself a copy of my ACD and the paperwork explaining the options and the situations in which the options are to be enacted.  In her situation I would be wanting to do the same.

She is to be moved on to a half-way facility, Himself is going to visit the Independent Living Centre and an occupational therapist will be doing a home visit to assess what needs to be done to the Self's house if it is possible to have her at home; at this stage it is not an option but Himself says that she is still improving; she can now transfer from one chair to another with only one assistant.  Not good enough.  She has been having intensive physiotherapy for two months now and is still unable to support herself on her right leg which has me somewhat puzzled.  That is her good leg ...

I am in the process of trying to download Windows 10  onto my Surface Pro 3, the computer which has probably got less on it to damage, destroy or otherwise mess up.  I will leave this desktop computer for as long as I can and probably ask Techie to do the download for me as there is all manner of things which I would be upset to lose.  The Pro 3  is about 30% downloaded at the moment and I know of one person who successfully managed to complete the download so I am keeping my fingers crossed that I can get it onto Aminata so that I can become familiar with it as I am eventually going to have to teach it.

I must admit, though, that I am a bit fed up with COTA and all its works.  There are serious difficulties  with connecting clients' computers to the internet, the boss is leaving at the end of the year and the administrator is on holidays and we are not being notified when we have clients.  Shambles is the best way to describe it at the moment but maybe I have just switched off now that all the legal stuff I have been doing is almost finished.

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