Wednesday, September 23, 2015

All about Windows 10

I have reached a stage with Windows 10 where I think that I can use it as my day-to-day computer if pressed.  I haven't even considered my genealogy research; that will have to wait until I have mastered all the basics.

I spent yesterday going into the ramifications of my Outlook email, especially in relation to folders, contacts and groups.  I had some problems with creating a Group as the instructions are far from clear but I made notes which I have saved on One Note.  Having actually created a new group for the email I send to the Ds every morning to let them know that I am still alive, well and living in Claremont I typed in the name of the group only to be told that I already had a group of that name - and sure enough this baby had synced itself with my main computer and there it was.  Not obvious because the contact list has hauled in my contacts from all my email addresses, lumped them all together and hidden them.  No doubt I will get used to that in time; Windows 10 is full of surprises ...

My main computer, Hex, which has been getting more and more desperate to download Windows 10 and which I have been determined to delay until the last possible minute to get it for free is now resorting to offering me an upgrade to Windows 10, leaving all my programs and settings in place.  This, to me, is a far better option and when I have embraced the difference I might go down that path. 

I should be at COTA today but my client - who has booked for a two-hour class - spat the dummy because he thinks that he should have been notified last month.  On one level I agree with him but the system is rather odd with the Tuesday volunteer receptionist in charge of the bookings and one of the admin staff notifying us if we have any clients or not and notifying the clients the day before their class.  Unfortunately she is on holidays at the moment so things have gone a bit confused.  Anyway, the Wednesday receptionist took it upon herself to notify the clients and received a blistering earful for something which was not her fault.  Himself has the wife for the same two hours so it will be interesting to see - if the turn up next week - if he is polite, masterful or just plain nasty.

Watch this space!

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