Thursday, October 8, 2015

Biting the Bullet

For over a year I have been putting up with quite severe pain when I bite on the right side of my mouth.  I have spoken to my dentist about it but he was unable to find the source of the pain although he suspected my right upper wisdom tooth which, since it is just about the only tooth which is unfilled, he refused to remove.

A couple of days ago I was unable to stand the pain any longer; it was radiating over the whole of the right side of my face so I called and made an appointment to try to get to the bottom of the problem.  The dentist was still unable to find the source of the pain, took another X-Ray (which showed nothing) and then systematically worked through and did the 'bite' test on each tooth, finally isolating the molar which I had suspected all along was the painful tooth.  He made an appointment for me to see an endodontist (for that read Root Canal Work) next week but was not very happy as it was very close to some bridge and crown work so it would have been rather major.

Getting me to bite and grind on the carbon paper which dentists use he isolated the contact pressure point and drilled it down a bit to relieve the pressure.  Magic!!  By the time I reached home the pain had almost gone and now it feels as though that tooth has been anaesthetised  -  no pain but I am still treating it gingerly just in case.

The weather has turned warm and I have done my equivalent of spring cleaning; I have hung the bead curtains across the double sliding doors from the main room to the balcony to stop the flies.  The State Government says that it has re-funded the dung beetle programme but I am finding it hard to believe  -  the bush flies have been out in force for the last couple of days.

I have finished knitting the scarf which I made from the Meteor Shower colourway which I used for the 'spin-thickalon' and it has made a long scarf which can be wound round two or three times and is very pretty.  It will be going back to America where the fibre was sourced.  And I am about 75% through spinning the second skein of my Noble Dragon/Night Sky fibre from FatCatKnits.  What with dental appointments (2) and COTA I have not been able to get to it for a few days  -  but maybe this afternoon.

Herself has been moved to a respite bed in a nursing home while modifications are made to the Self's house in readiness for her homecoming.   I am not sure how that will work out as she has made very little gain except learning to work around her major disability but I really admire Himself's determination to take her home.  He has had the bathroom modified and there will be a government Care Package in place to assist with her activities of daily living.  fingers crossed that it all works out for them.

My little cats will be turning four years old on 12th October, bless their little black hearts.  At the moment they are curled up together on the pile of pillows on my bed. I cut their fingernails this morning.  Poppy has to be muzzled to enable me to do this, poor little girl, or she bites me.  Her right front paw has always given her grief and I have asked the Vet to check it out next time she needs to have her teeth scaled.

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