Saturday, October 24, 2015

Moving on.

Herself's funeral was this morning with a huge congregation which indicates the influence which she had on many people's lives.  It was a beautiful and very moving service and all Himself's family was there to support him. 

I felt totally drained when I reached home again, both emotionally and physically (Most of the food didn't get further than the door of the room at the Sail and Anchor hotel where we congregated afterwards).  Coffee didn't revive me so I went downstairs and loaded up with a couple of blocks of Chilli Chocolate  -  and ate both of them. So much for my trying to lose that last couple of centimetres around my waist.  :(

My new e-Reader has arrived and I can now buy and load books without resorting to working through my computer but it has a very sensitive touch screen and I am constantly finding that I have turned more than one page which is very irritating as I then have to work back to the last page I read and progress from there.  But I must say that it is better than the old one  -  I especially like the sleep cover which opens up to the page I was last reading as soon as I open it  -  and, as I have mentioned earlier  -  I can drop it in the bath as long a I close the sleep cover first.

I am abut halfway through knitting a Gansay hood which is a lot of fun and I feel that I should knit more fancy stitchwork although this will really mean that I will need to concentrate on buying solid fibre colourways.  Not really a problem as I have found a supplier who has many solid colours.  But I have a great deal of fibre to  process first before I even think of buying more  -  blame the MEGASAL for that; we all overbought in case we missed out on the fun.  I have almost worked my way through my lot  -  only Rincewind left to do and finish off a couple of others but more keeps on arriving, as do the most beautiful limited edition spindles which I still haven't learnt how to use. (sigh)

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