Thursday, November 5, 2015

Bighting the Bullet (look it up in the dictionary)

I have finally decided that I need to upgrade my main computer to Windows 10 as this little tablet, although a lot of fun to use, is not the computer which I turn on first thing in the morning when my coffee is brewing.

In view of the disaster when I last tried to upgrade I thought that it would be wise to do a backup onto an external drive so off I went to JB-HiFi and bought a one-TB drive which, hopefully, has now stored all my vital information in case I lose it and want it back again.  If my computer crashes the way that it did last time I attempted to upgrade I will contact Techie and ask him to fix the problem which might mean a new computer.  If that is the case then so be it  -  I have been down that road before and my recent experience at COTA has made me realise that I need to become familiar with Windows 10 ASAP.

Because Himself was still not available I had to do another triple session today except that my 12.00 o'clock client once again did not turn up. -  I think that he has missed the last three classes now.  One of my clients is now feeling brave enough to give in to her family's urgings and tackle Facebook so she has booked an extra class in a couple of weeks and hopefully I can get her up and running.  The problem with Facebook is that one only ever needs to do it once so I do not have a lot of experience but I am sure that, between the two of us, we will work it out and set it up with high security but probably no pictures until she decides how she wants to decorate it.

I have started knitting another vest, having decided that they are more useful than sweaters, but I am making this one a bit longer than the last one.  I am using my Ankh-Morpork/Cardamom yarn and it is knitting up very prettily.  Meanwhile I am on the last stretch of spinning the Noble Dragon colorway and plying it with one called Night Sky which picks up the colours very nicely.

My next spinning project will be the Rincewind colorway which I will be plying with a semi-solid called Melange, a sort of burnt orange. -  and I will be putting some glitter into it to keep with the Rincewind spirit of garish and unnecessary bling.  I should be well set up by next winter.  I already have a few too many scarves although I knitted one for my niece in America so that one doesn't count.  I will be posting it off to her in the nearer future so that it will arrive before Christmas ... or her birthday which actually comes first.

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