Friday, November 27, 2015

Still in the bight

Today Techie came to help me with my problems with upgrading to Windows 10 and my desire for a dongle.  I had already gathered that dongles are very last century and the latest thing is mobile hotspots so we went to the Telstra Shop down below and purchased one on a 365 day plan which, since I should only be using it for a maximum of two hours per week should only need an annual top up the way my mobile phone does.

Techie told me that there was a big upgrade for the Windows 10 on my Surface Pro 3 so that was set in train and then he started the upgrade for my desktop computer.  The message was that after the initial backup and set up the computer would turn itself on and off several times and that, as before, I should sit back and relax.  Eventually I realised that it had a blank screen and wasn't turning on again so after waiting for about 30 minutes I turned off at the switch.  The screen showed that the download had progressed to 85% but then it froze again so, once again I turned it off for 30 seconds after which It told me that it was reverting to the previous settings which it tried to do but then said that it would have to activate the 'start repair program'.  This proved successful and so I am, once again back with Windows 7.  this is the fourth try I have made to upgrade and I am not sure where to go from here.  Try again and maybe it will reach 90% next time?

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