Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Why do I love computers so much?

They are giving me nothing but grief at the moment.  I have now had three tries at upgrading to Windows 10 to my desktop computer with no success and I even bought an external drive to preserve its integrity in case things go wrong;  but I noticed today that Microsoft now very visibly sets a restore point at the beginning of the download.  But Techie is going to come and sort things out for me soon and then I can get on with other things.

Some of the problems may lie with my Internet Provider.  A couple of weeks ago it was bouncing back any emails which I sent to Hotmail and since I was given a recorded message when I phoned them I assume that it was happening to more than just me. 

And now I am trying to edit something on my web page.  It may be simply that it is so long since I edited anything that I have forgotten how but when I first tried to get to my FTP page I was told that it wasn't available.  I can now get into it and I can edit the page but it will not save so I will probably have to phone up and ask for help.  My internet provider has recently been bought out by one of its rivals (I can't complain about that because I made a killing on the stock market with the takeover) but there have been glitches since then and I am wondering if there are problems with integrating the two companies.

Summer has sort of arrived and we have had a couple of hot days but we are back to cold again with a howling sea breeze which is whistling through the air conditioning towers and is very noisy.  Never buy a top floor apartment if you want to lead a quiet life.

Parsifal has been indulging in quite a lot of attention seeking behaviour which was really getting my attention so I have started to ignore him when he jumps onto my bedroom table and rattles my jewelry and after a couple of tries  with "look what I am doing now" noises he has stopped doing it and become a very cuddly lap-cat which is a win/win situation for both of us.  I wish that he could go hunting and catch me some rats but that is out of the question.  I think that he is bored ...

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