Friday, November 20, 2015

Season of fur and mellow furfulness

The molting season is almost over and although the cats are regularly brushed morning and night the apartment has been awash with black fur which drifts into the corners and onto the skirting boards.

A man was sent around to all the apartments this week to clean the air-conditioning filters which are up in the roof space and need a 10 foot ladder to reach.  I have been living here in this apartment for over four years and this is the first time that the filters have been cleaned.  We were all given a time when we had to be home or dire penalties would be levied.  I had to email the owner of Apartment 702 because he lives in Switzerland and only comes back to Australia for a couple of weeks per year.  He has given me the contact details of the only person with a key so I organised for him to be here but a couple of people were not at home so my filters were cleaned the day before the due date as I happened to be home.

He showed me the filter to the main room.  It had grown about 2 cm of black fluff.  Maybe I should dress the cats in body suits; I am sure that Zoo, the petshop without pets, would be able to find something suitable in lycra  -  they stock doggy garments after all.

The warm weather has finally started to arrive and today I have all the doors open but since my apartment faces south I catch the sea breeze which can be unpleasantly cold and strong and I only get the sun in the early morning in summer.  I have been researching shade-loving plants which are not poisonous to cats since Parsifal is partial to the odd snack and gets bored with catgrass and catmint.  I have narrowed it down to three  -  aspidistra, spider plant and ponytail palm so am about to go shopping although Himself says that he has aspidistras from my garden in Cottesloe and also has spider plants so at this stage I will be looking for a ponytail palm.

We only have a couple more weeks of COTA for this year and if I continue next year I am going to have to get a dongle.  The COTA computers have XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.  Since most of our clients have either 8.1 or 10 this gets difficult.  I have been taking my own 8.1 and 10 tablets there but I have to connect them to a 'guest' connection with a new username and password every day.  that would be fine if they actually worked but so far I have not been able to connect using Visability's codes and this week it really stuffed up my Windows 10 tablet  -  so much so that I had to, after following many help links which didn't help at all, resort to using 'System Restore' to get a connection here at home as it only gave me a very weak connection which was no use at all.

I emailed Techie a week or so ago with a cry for help but so far I have not heard from him so he is probably away.  I'll try again after the New Year if I haven't heard from him before that time.  I need him to download Windows 10 to my main desktop computer because the second time I tried I was informed that there were still incompatible programs and I think that the problem may be Family Tree Maker which I do not want to lose even though has a new format and seems to do all that FTM does  -  at a cost (of course).  Genealogy is big business these days and has taken over all the good programs and seems to be the only player left.   So sad ...

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