Monday, October 12, 2015

The Thursday Night Mystery Solved at Last

I live in an apartment built over a large shopping complex which contains many restaurants and a nightclub and I have often marveled that, every week after Thursday's late night shopping, the very noisy partying carries on into the early hours of the morning (2.00am to 2.30ish) when it is a work day to follow.

Enlightenment has dawned due to a book which I am currently reading, written by a woman who is a lawyer and a restaurant critic but who worked her way through university as a waitress;  she describes herself as the waitress from Hell or words to that effect.  She is an Australian, albeit from the other side of the continent, so her information is local to my country.  Thursday night is drug distribution night!  That, in a nutshell, is why Thursday nights are so much noisier than any other night of the week or the weekend.  Problem solved. QED.

My E-Reader has almost worn out  -  it sometimes takes a couple of tries before the page turns  -  so I have ordered myself a new one which hasn't arrived yet.  This is not a problem since my original one still works and anyway, I am currently reading the waitress one in paperback.  I looked for Kobo Readers in my local electronics shop but they didn't have the one I wanted in stock so I have gone online for it  -  same price and free postage so no great hassle.  The new one has a touch screen, many fonts and font sizes and has wi-fi.  It is also sort of waterproof as long as I remember to close the cover before I drop it in the bath.  Also, if I happen to be in sub-Saharan Africa in a dust storm, as long as I close the cover it is dust and sand proof.

The cats had a birthday yesterday and are now four years old and far too old to wear a harness and walk in the passage, or so they are telling me but their harnesses are now very familiar so there is no hassle if I need to put them on.  I am posting a photo of them taken a couple of days ago and which I have willfully refused to edit or brighten.  Click on  the picture to enlarge it.

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