Thursday, May 12, 2016

All my planets are retrograde

Dadhichi whom in a moment of lightheadedness I subscribed to for online astrological information tells me that a lot of planets are retrograde at the moment and that, therefore, I should expect some setbacks and difficulties ... so  -

I refuse to obsess any more that Microsoft has stuffed up my email
I refuse to obsess that spies have taken over VisAbility and we now have to sign in and out at COTA
I refuse to obsess that  we have to wear ID at COTA
I refuse to obsess that I have to actually circumnavigate the building to go to the loo at COTA
I refuse to obsess that my computer, since its last upgrade, is running slower than a snail
I refuse to obsess about the parcel from Amazon which has gone missing
I refuse to obsess about one of my medications being unavailable at the moment
I refuse to obsess about the sore tooth which my dentist is refusing to do anything about

The planets can't stay retrograde forever and my parcel of Noro knitting books may still turn up or Amazon may replace them.

I have two very nice clients at COTA at the moment and they bring in their own computers so I don't have to worry about whether or not the COTA computers are working so I am not obsessing about them at the moment.  My little hotspot works well and has been a real boon as more and more people bring in their own laptops.  I prefer to work that way because that is what they go home to so we can set things up the way they want and need   -  insofar as Microsoft allows in these turbulent times.

The email system is supposed to be up and running by the end of June but thousands of people have lost everything.  It may all sync back but I am not holding my breath and at least I have other mail systems and found my contacts list so it is not really a disaster  -  more an irritation.

On a more cheerful note, I have nearly finished the second sleeve of the sweater I am knitting and will now have time, hopefully, to get back to my spinning.

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