Thursday, May 19, 2016

It is all down to that dratted Mercury

Dadhichi says, in his preamble to this month's astrology predictions:-

"What is going on?  Do things seem a little out of control lately or has something you expected happened OR is your life simply stagnant?  Relax, it's only Mercury going retrograde.  Don't freak out, it's just teaching us patience and the lesson of revision, understanding and more meaningful communication!  Savour the opportunity to reflect and it might even reveal a whole new perspective."

That is as may be but things haven't improved since my last post.  Yesterday my internet provider had a 'bug' and caused chaos among its clients who could not even phone to complain  -  their phone was out as well.

I still cannot get my mail from as it "hasn't synced yet" and there are now over 6200 complaints on the Outlook Outage page.  Office Outlook wasn't working either and when it came back online it was different with all its folders hidden behind a tiny arrow.  I suspect that Microsoft spent the day having its wicked way with it and, bad as it was before, it is now worse.  Gmail here I come!

My niece has an ectopic pregnancy which hasn't responded to chemotherapy so she will have to have surgery  -  and she can only communicate with her husband via Facebook at the moment  -  he has opted out.  And I have a migraine ...

It almost makes me believe in astrology.

But the good news is ... the parcel which I have been tracking and which has been classified as 'undeliverable', 'returned' and 'lost in transit' has just arrived after the courier had the good sense to phone me for directions to my apartment.  Yeah  -  three knitting books with Noro patterns; real eye-candy.  Noro designs hand-painted yarn and the patterns created for it are ideal for the random colour which occurs when hand painted yarn is handspun and knitted up.  I have almost finished my second Noro sweater and am about to launch into my third.

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