Friday, May 20, 2016


Both cats are currently on a diet.  Parsifal is not actually overweight  -  I can feel his ribs  -  but Poppy is decidedly plump, despite having no teeth and being fed mostly on crunchies.  So when their bowl is empty I do not rush to fill it because I cannot diet Poppy without also withholding food from Parsifal.  I suspect that he gets his share of what is put out for them but Poppy the Chronometer Kitten tends to fast forward to feed times and nag.

Every evening, after I change into my yoga clothes I give them almost half shares in a sachet of soft food  -  usually salmon with either snapper or mackerel  -  and they love this.  Keeping an eagle eye out to make sure that Parsifal doesn't chase Poppy away from hers (he already has the lion's share) I watch in amazement at how fast the stuff disappears and at meal times they are no longer Poppy and Parsifal but Dyson and Hoover.

I still have no Live Mail.  It has been two months and I am starting to get totally fed up with Microsoft and all its works.  I have Outlook, which has morphed yet again but when I went to check if I had it on my Surface Pro 3 I found that I have Word and Excel but no Outlook.  Since they come as a package with a couple of other things (which seem to be there) I am wondering what has happened to Outlook.  I suspect a dastardly plot to force me into buying Microsoft's new subscription version of Office so I am waiting for the storm which is expected tonight, when I will be turning off my modem, to see if I can re-download Office 2016 onto my Surface.  I am not holding my breath and may have to seek help from Techie who may have to be consulted anyway about my missing Live Mail and the fact that I no longer seem to be able to upload new data to my web page.

I am getting very disenchanted with computers; they are giving me a headache. 

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