Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Bye Bye Windows 10

Yesterday morning, just after I had paid all my bills (thank goodness) Windows 10 deleted itself along with all its works.  I still had Google Chrome but not Outlook Explorer and I still had Gmail so I was not totally cut off but obviously Microsoft hates me for complaining about its mail service.

I phoned Techie who came around yesterday afternoon and removed the body to perform a brain transplant.  He mentioned that he had another client who had also lost Windows 10 the same way and there was no way of restoring his computer either.  I just received a phone call from Techie and he is unable to bring up anything on my computer but will take off anything he can access, reload Windows 10 and load my stuff back.  So fingers crossed that he can actually get to it.

At the moment am using my Surface Pro with the small keyboard and having great difficulty, particularly with the caps lock when I type "a". I have this baby set up to beep if I hit the caps lock but it is irritating nevertheless.

Hopefully I will have the big one back tomorrow but considering Techie's problem with it I am not expecting too much too quickly.  At least I can load apps onto this one and play the Solitaire Challenge and do the rounds of the places I visit.  I may have lost all my files and saved stuff which would be a shame but maybe it was due for a clean-up  -  and I still have my old, corrupted Windows 7 computer which will have a great number of the lost files still on it.

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