Friday, June 3, 2016

The patient is out of Intensive Care ...

... but not fully recovered yet.

My computer arrived back yesterday with Windows 10 reloaded and there have been changes since Monday because it was different and has been downloading and upgrading itself ever since I got it back.  Obviously Microsoft is starting to realise that it has to have its house in order by the end of next month.  It is becoming more and more minimalistic by the moment in order to fit it onto a smart phone.  Still no joy on the Outlook Mail front though and an email from D1 who is in Italy at the moment complained that MS has totally stuffed up Hotmail (aka Livemail/Hotmail/

Yesterday I had to reload Microsoft Office Suite which took ages and today I tackled Family Tree Maker.  I had opted to pay extra and get a backup disc for FTM so it was easy to put it back again and this time it synced very easily with so I am back in business with my genealogy and I can get back to the B.....mores and all their works.  Then I can give the documents back to my cousin who lent them to me.

However, Microsoft demanded its password in order for me to log in this morning which is annoying and when I tried to change it back to the one I used to use I was told that I could not use a password which had been used before.  Grrrrr!!  I am going to have to modify it a bit or tamely do what Microsoft expects of me.  At least I was able to put my picture of minnie le rose back on the Start Page.

I have an almost clear week next week so I should be able to get back to spinning and knitting.  I have finished but not yet sewn up the kimono sweater I was knitting and am forcing myself to use the Storm yarn which gave me so much grief to spin and then I didn't like.  I knitted a sort of draped vest which I unravelled, re-skeined and put away in storage. This time around I am using it to make a hooded scarf which looks really good with the thick, roughly spun yarn.  I am NOT enjoying the current spinning project which is why I am dragging my feet although I have spun enough yarn for another kimono sweater which is what I will probably be using it for.  I will eventually have enough for a proper sweater so I will decide when I have forced my way to the finish.

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