Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Rolll 0n, Roll On ...

Parsifal has discovered toilet rolls.  He was trying to drink water from the toilet, a pastime I discourage so I put down the toilet lid.  He jumped onto the lid and discovered that he could reach the toilet roll.  I have had lace-making cats before and they are a dreadful waste of paper so I used a hint which I gleaned from, I think, Facebook.  I squashed the roll so that the cardboard core was no longer round and it no longer rolls freely.

I hate to spoil his fun and he gets bored but he almost got flushed down the toilet when he was small enough to have made it possible which still gives me the cold grues and he is absolutely determined to get behind the TV.  I have blocked it off but he manages to tip the barriers over and if he can't get to the back he paces backwards and forwards in front of the screen and yowls.  There are so many cords and attachments there that I would prefer that he keeps far away from it all.  I am sure that he is bored but ratting is no longer an option for my cats and a run up and down the passage is no substitute for rats.

I have prettified Windows 10 and now have a slide show for my desktop.  I am using some of the photos I took in Morocco with a few from Iran just to see if I can add to the folder without upsetting the delicate workings of the system.  So far, other than Microsoft rearranging my tiles and periodically changing their colours I am coming to terms with it all although there was a major reorganisation on Sunday. 

It is now three months since my email worked and I am not holding my breath that it ever will.  The outages are worldwide and fairly major so I am not sure what Microsoft intends to do.  It will not be possible to sell it if the mail is not working so perhaps they are waiting to make a grand gesture in a month or so. The only alternative is to abandon it altogether; there are other options although Microsoft may not be very happy at the wholesale migration to Gmail which is what seems to be happening at the moment.

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