Thursday, June 30, 2016

There is something wrong with Poppy

I came home after spending time with D3 and SIL and both cats seemed fine but then, while I was checking my email  -   I still have Office outlook working  -  there was the sound of a spat.  I don't know who started it; I always seem to blame Parsifal but suspect that Poppy has a paw in it and maybe she starts the altercations.  Anyway, I *'waterbottled' both of them and told them both off in no uncertain terms and since then Poppy has been hissing and spitting at both of us whenever we go near her. She did come for her special treat food in the early evening but since then she has barricaded herself at the top of one of the cat towers and will not let either of us within about three metres.

The problem is that I can't check to see if she is hurt and do not want to frighten or upset her more by trying to confine her and check her over.  If she is still in the same frame of mind tomorrow I will need to throw a blanket over her, put her, un-harnessed into the kitty carriage and take her to the vet which will upset her even more.  Last time she was boarded out the owner of the kennels did mention that she could be very aggressive and I am wondering if this is a repeat of that aggression brought on by my anger at their fight.  I'll see how things are in the morning . . .

I had the week off from COTA because my one and only client  -  the one with the troubled computer  -  has not been back, apparently having her computer fixed but I am not holding my breath that she will appear again.  Next week we all get a holiday because the trains on the line past Visability will not be running and although there will be replacement buses Transperth has suggested allowing an extra 45 minutes travelling time.

I have sort of sorted Windows 10.  I don't like it and is still not working but when I turned on my Windows 7 computer to update the Contacts List on this computer  -  needing to be replaced because it suddenly disappeared a couple of weeks ago  -  I found that on the Windows 7 computer seems to be working again.  Microsoft has four weeks to get it right and I am not very hopeful on that one.

*  The waterbottle is one of those spray bottles used to dampen ironing and things like that.  It issues a very fine mist and is the ultimate punishment for the cats although I doubt if much, if any, of the mist actually reaches them.  The threat is usually  enough and it is mostly Parsifal who gets the treatment when he has managed to get himself into a place where he knows that he is not allowed.

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