Thursday, June 30, 2016


Poppy has almost recovered from her hissy fit.  We now have an occasional growl when Parsifal tries to take liberties with her  -  i.e. getting too close.  But they were both on the bed with me this morning; Parsifal under the duvet and Poppy on top which is the normal order of things, each on opposite sides of me so that I can't move.

I had never really appreciated what a hissy fit was but last night I had it in spades and it wasn't nice.  I eventually reverted to crocodile tears which usually puts the guilts into misbehaving cats.  I have used it before but never with these two and it took a little while to work but it eventually did.

It is school holidays from today and GB1 is off to South Australia to take part in the Australian Schoolboy Sailing Championship.  He is the school's 'heavy weather' reserve and mid-winter on Lake Alexandrina should give him plenty of that.  Bless his heart  -  he is growing very like his grandfather who, for all his faults was a superb yachtsman.

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