Monday, July 4, 2016

About the Cats

The unquiet of the last few days has settled down and I am not discounting the unseasonally chilly weather for that.  The cats are back to keeping each other warm.

I had a feeling that Poppy's hissy fit was the result of me shouting at both cats when they had a very noisy free-for-all.  Their breeder, who has boarded them a couple of times, mentioned that Poppy could be very aggressive and I know that she becomes so if she is frightened. Anyway, they were misbehaving excessively the other night and the result was that I shouted at them and that Poppy threw her hissy fit -  and Parsifal kept his distance, a wise move.  I certainly didn't want to get near her although I was afraid that she might have been hurt.  I decided to wait for morning since it was already late evening but turned on the crocodile tears  -  a strategy which has worked with various of my cats over time.

About an hour after my tearful episode Poppy sidled up to me and made friends so I knew that she was OK.  Since then I have left them to their squabbles, suspecting that Poppy could well have been the instigator  -   and certainly I saw her giving Parsifal a sly nip as she walked past him yesterday.

Anyway, for the last two mornings they have come into bed with me in the and they spent today curled up together, only waking for pit stops and food; so all is well with their world again.

I have about two more days of spinning to finish the Vetinari colourway.  I am pretty sure at this stage that I will already have enough yarn for yet another Kimono Sweater so the last two bobbins which I am spinning now can be used entirely to knit myself a new shawl as I have lost my useful black one.  I suspect that I left it in a restaurant but it was a while ago and even if I did the rounds of the eating places in Claremont and Cottesloe I doubt if they will still have it.  anyway, I can't keep on knitting sweaters and scarves so a shawl will be good as well as useful.

I have unpinned Windows Live Mail from my start menu;  it has not been working since March and it is just taking up space.  It will still be there among the apps if Microsoft ever gets around to syncing it but I have other mail options so I don't need it.  I am also working out how to manage my photos but it is a much more complicated business than it was to edit and save them.  I now use 'Pictures' to edit them, 'Paint' to resize them and 'Pictura' to add captions.  I still need to remember the name or number of the photo because Windows 10 has its own idea about where to save them and I sometimes have to do a search in order to move them to the folder I want.  I can understand that more processes are needed when using it on a Smart Phone but it is very irritating on my desktop computer.

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