Friday, July 22, 2016

Suddenly - things are not the way they used to be

OMG  -  Microsoft has finally synced my email.  I am not sure how well it will all work yet but at lease my lily pond is working, as well as Hotmail which suddenly appeared on my desktop yesterday.  Microsoft only has until July 29 to get everything up and running and has obviously, in the face of over 7,500 complaints from people all over the world about their email, finally done a dash for the finishing line at the very last minute  -  ignoring the fact that there are some businesses and individuals who have had very iffy email services for about the last six months.

My main complaint now is that all windows come up in Smart Phone or tablet size and I am forever maximising the windows to get the whole page onto my screen.  Maybe MS will adjust that in time since some people still like to use a desktop computer with a big screen. All I now have to worry about is setting everything up to suit myself and then trying to make sense of my clients' computers.

I have bought pork chops to make Smothered Pork which is a great comfort food for the sort of cold weather which we are enduring at the moment.  I have invited Himself since it was him who gave me the recipe but he is busy every evening and I am busy ever lunch time so ne'er the twain shall meet and he is off overseas next month.  The chops are in the freezer so I can thaw and cook them whenever.  It is a quick, easy recipe so there is no great hassle as far as preparation time goes and if the notice is too short a I can pop downstairs and buy a fresh supply.

The cats are scrapping and I am seriously considering consulting the vet about some sort of medication to dampen down his sexual urges  -  which he shouldn't have since he was castrated before he should have known about such things.  In the meanwhile I suppose that the Happy Juice works pretty well but I don't like to use it all the time.  He is very noisy at the moment and spends an inordinate amount of time trying to get into the television set to meet all the new people there.  It is sad that he will never be able to have that sort of freedom to explore or catch a rat or two.  I've never had totally indoor cats before and I feel for the poor babies who can't go out to play and hunt.

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