Thursday, July 28, 2016

OMG - it works!

Today is D-day for Microsoft Windows 10 and I actually have a mail system which works; it sends, receives and has formatting.

A shortcut appeared on my desktop last Saturday.  It was short on a few features but gradually, over the week, it has become more like the old, with a few glitches along the way and today any new mail is announced in my 'notifications'.  After faffing around for four months trying to get a reasonable, good looking, formattable, easy and understandable email program it has taken Microsoft Windows 10 until the last day of the Beta version to finally get it right.  My only complaint is that the window always opens in tablet size  -  but that is happening with a lot of Windows 10 so I suppose that I will have to get used to it unless a link appears to enable opening in desktop size.

Two days ago I saw a notice outside the frozen yoghurt shop across the road stating that a Pok√©mon had been sighted in the store.  What a great marketing ploy.  I must say, though, that I am getting very tired of people walking through the shopping centre with their eyes glued to their mobile phones.  I have stopped dodging them and simply keep walking.  I haven't bumped into one yet but there have been a couple of close calls.

The cats are back onto their 'happy juice' and we have some peace and quiet again.  I did some research on neutered male cat sexual urges and what I found was that castrating a male cat doesn't totally suppress his sexual urges but acts as a 'dimmer switch' and that the super-masculine ones are not dimmed as much  -  something to do with the number of male foetuses in utero.  Anyway, I came up with something which is supposed to work if sprayed onto the rear end of the female cat and which makes the male think that there is a huge and ferocious cat which should, under no circumstances, be tackled.  It is called 'Boar Mate' and since it is sprayed onto the sow to let the boar know that she is in oestrus I can't see how it works on cats in the opposite way.  It sounds too good to be true but I am worried that if I used it  -  just supposing that I could get it  -  that Parsifal would start spraying to protect his territory.  (Note to self  -  discuss it with their vet).

EDITED to say that my email is no longer working.  All emails which I write and attempt to send go to the Drafts Folder where they cling like limpets however many times I open them and try to send them on their way.  What the blazes does Microsoft think that they are doing?

To get it working yesterday I had to delete the account and reinstall it and then set it up to talk to my Internet Provider.  I suppose that I will have to do it all over again  -  every day?

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