Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Blue Pictures - no, not blue movies.

Today I clipped the cats' claws.  It is always a bit of a fraught business; Parsifal is very good but poor little Poppy has to be muzzled and I hate having to do that to her although she is getting used to it and doesn't protest as much as she used to.  She has an arthritic toe and it obviously hurts her if I am not very gentle but after an X-ray and diagnosis from the Vet I know which toe and what is wrong so I am careful.

I went into Facebook yesterday to be confronted by a really blue picture.  The picture itself was blue and black and the subject matter nauseatingly pornographic.  It had been sent to Himself and since he is a 'friend' it came onto my wall as well.  Someone had posted it on his wall and I emailed him and blasted him about keeping his private life private and that all of his 120+ friends would also have it on their walls.  Poor man had no idea what I was talking about and when I went back to have another look it wasn't there any more.

All I remembered was the first name of the poster so I used 'find friends' to search but all I got was what looked like a dating site for scamming women wanting to rip off unsuspecting men.

Anyway, in the absence of the incriminating picture I was beginning to think that I must have imagined the whole thing but received an email from Himself this morning to say that a friend of his in Adelaide has also contacted him about it so there is no knowing how many of his friends saw it and are too embarrassed to comment.  Poor Himself.  He now recalls seeing a blue-coloured picture but was in a hurry and didn't look closely at it.  It was only online for just over four hours (the timeline showed four hours since posting when I saw it) and obviously the moderators removed it. 

Moderating Facebook must be a mammoth task and there must be a big team on duty all the time.  I used to have a small forum and two of the members had been at each others throats since the Starship Titanic Game days so I had to vet every post before I put it online to make sure that nothing inflammatory was posted.  Thems were the days  ... when the internet was young and fun.

Windows 10 goes on sale in just over a week and I have finally got Hotmail, but now renamed Outlook Live.  A shortcut appeared on my desktop overnight and it is very, very basic and my contacts list has disappeared.  The pretty lily-pond page still doesn't work but maybe one day ...    

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