Friday, July 15, 2016

Shock: horror ...

Last night I had to re-boot my I-Pad.  This has never happened to me before but it lost the sounds which accompany Montezuma and I like the crashing sounds which go with killing the little blobs  -  and I had no indication as to when the game was over.  That was something of a relief because the warning beep tends to send me into a flurry of indecision so I was probably doing better last night than usual.  Anyway, I tried going to settings and tweaking the sound which was still working with Angry Birds so I knew that it was related solely to Montezuma, not the whole I-Pad.  So I figured that it was a computer and therefore a reboot might work  -  and it did.

But my Outlook Mail still doesn't work.  Microsoft is supposed to be selling Windows 10 as of 29th July  -  12 days away  -  and from the number of posts (almost 7500) in the Outage page it is just not going to happen ... but watch this space; there might be a last-minute miracle.  Other than that I have Windows 10 more or less doing what I want it to do.  It is a bit tedious because of its disadvantage in that it is supposed to work on a Smart Phone which means that everything is hidden and takes more stages to get anywhere.  It takes nine steps to add a contact to my Contacts List in Office 16 and I have had to write it down because it took a while to work out just how to do it.

I have a new client at COTA whom I inherited from Himself who has just had his cataracts removed and had an appointment with his ophthalmologist on our COTA day.  She tells me that she programmed the ATM machines for one of our big banks and was chief Chef (tautism?) at the Sheridan Hotel but is so unfamiliar with computers that she didn't even know about drag-and-drop.  I think that she has a vivid fantasy life but she has booked herself for another seven classes and wants them with me rather than with Himself.  She brought along her little hotspot but it only works with a plug-in connection and she didn't bring the connection.

After my experience with the last computer which I connected to my own hotspot I was reluctant to use mine without looking at what was installed on an unknown computer so we worked off-line but we could do that for weeks, especially as she refuses to use a mouse and is slow.  I have told her that for the duration of the lessons she will have to use a mouse as I have only so much patience.  All she really wants is Skype which she appears to be using successfully already as she has a daughter in USA whom she contacts regularly.  The daughter set up the computer  -  a piece of information which always makes my heart sink.

I have started entering my B...more relatives into Family Tree Maker again now that the computer is up and running with fewer unpleasant surprises when I switch on in the morning but why did Richard B. have so many children?  Twelve, with a gap of six (6) years between the last two which makes me wonder (a) what else they did in their spare time and (b) did she lose four children in the intervening years.  I must check the dates  -  maybe he was off fighting Napoleon.

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