Monday, August 1, 2016

That On/off switch

And I thought that Microsoft had finally sorted out their email problems but today there is no contacts list in my Lily Pond (the MS mail app) and no way to add a contact if there actually was a contacts folder  -  which there isn't.

I also found that the copies of my sent mail were being put in the 'drafts' folder rather than the 'sent' folder and there was nothing at all in the 'sent' folder.  The sent mail in the drafts folder was marked 'sent'.  It is all very confusing and I really feel for the people who are just now trying to come to grips with computers and who don't know what should be there and how to find it if they know that it should be there somewhere.  I have been teaching computer to Seniors and Centrelink clients for 17 years and I can't get it to work so how in the world does Microsoft expect newbies to work it out?  Not everyone grew up with computers and we are not dying off as fast as we used to.

The feedback link from the lilypond is a smiley face icon but no-one is smiling.  There is a huge list of complaints about lost mail, slow mail, non-existent mail, the lack of formatting options (one of my gripes) the loss of business through the above glitches and the fact that mail is not stored and disappears unexpectedly and too fast with no way to store emails in folders since there is no facility to create new folders (another of my gripes).

Luckily I have a couple of other email sites which feed into my IP mail so I am not without a connection and I have taken to sending myself a BCC of any emails which I send, directed to my Gmail account which is ever reliable.  I was starting to get confused when I was testing the email app as to which emails came from where so I have added 'from the lilypond' to my signature (which does work  -  but no formatting so I have to manually alter the font, colour and font size for my emails and so far I haven't been able to discover any way to set a default).

The cold weather is sending my cats into hibernation, except for their wild moments morning and evening, and currently they are curled up together in my study on the smurgling blankie.   Parsifal no longer smurgles  -  at least now when I am around, but Poppy has become a regular.  They are both in bed with me in the mornings, keeping me warm or visa versa, and I am tending to sleep in because it is so cosy with them both there and I love the closeness and don't want to climb out into the cold bedroom.

I am back to doing regular yoga practise but my Bollywood dancing has fallen by the wayside.  I must get back to it  -  it was very good for strengthening my thighs.

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