Sunday, August 28, 2016

How to Hate windows 10 in Six Easy Lessons I

I am currently typing out, prior to formatting to HTML, the Will of my Great Uncle RM.  Unlike  the Will of my Great Aunt AEMM (one solid block over three pages) this one is formatted after a fashion on a manual typewriter.  I have been trying to replicate it in MS Word 16 and it has been determined to do its own thing regarding formatting. 

Try as I will I cannot get it to do exactly what I want.  I have turned off 'automatic formatting' insofar as it will allow but am unable to move single lines to line the typing up with the line above.  I can use the Tab button but am unable to tab in a whole block and have to do it line by line .  I realise that I will have to use the paragraph inset button but it makes me long to be back in the manual typewriter days except for editing which was a real pain in the olden days. 

But auto-formatting is an intrusion and an irritation.  I think that I spent more time this afternoon trying to get the formatting right than I did actually typing out the Will itself.  My other complaint is that when I type the font looks tiny on the page (to fit on a smart phone) but I have learnt to my cost that, if I enlarge it, it ends up HUGE.  This blog only has five size options and I have gone for  'normal' but on the page it is fractionally small so the lesson which I was taught when I was learning to type is very relevant.  'No-one will bother to read a paragraph of more than seven lines.'

I have put in a couple of Oxford Commas to placate the grammar checker but it still thinks that two its in a row is wrong.  I mostly go through and remove commas but . . .

The Will is not nice; it is actually rather vindictive since one of the recipients of Uncle RM's estate had obviously borrowed heavily from his brother with little or no prospect of ever paying the money back. 

The folder where all this family information is stored has rightly been named SLUSH FUND and contains all the family information which no-one talked about.  I intend to save it for posterity so that no-one will again have to ask why Great Great Uncle Charles was the black sheep of the family.

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