Saturday, August 20, 2016

Windows 10 again - hopefully the last word

Techie came here yesterday and downloaded the 'latest final version' of Windows 10.  There were some changes which have more or less become blurred with what went before but I have lost quite a bit of data  -  not the end of the world  -  but I had to reinstall Family Tree maker and it refused to sync with my family tree on

I spent, overall, about six hours trying to sync the tree from into FTM and FTM kept saying that the sync had failed but it was probably their fault and to try again.  I even went as far as to do a computer error check and uninstall and reload FTM.  I had tried various things but it was only when I agreed on the GEDCOM download place to accept citations from Ancestry that it allowed me to download my tree..

I downloaded several times, seemingly successfully but not  into FTM.  Eventually, in desperation, I dragged the file from 'Downloads' where it had come to rest into FTM which worked but then I had to sync it.  Hopefully it is now fully up and running and I can continue entering the B...more data.

The other disaster this morning was that I decided to click on a second icon on the start page and found that I was suddenly a different person with no access to my files.  It too a bit of persuasion to get back to being me.  Oh  -  and Microsoft is refusing to accept my IP password.  I had to phone iinet to verify that I had not changed my password and forgotten about it and to check that I had my connection settings correct when I set up an account on the Lily Pond  -  which still doesn't work.

Just to make yesterday a bit more awful, I had invited Himself around for dinner  -  not a disaster in itself but I was seriously short of time to cook.  Instead of the dinner I had planned I threw together the ingredients of a dish called Saturday Chicken which is remarkably quick and misleadingly simple to make since it tastes exactly like Chicken Paprika (which I have cooked and it is a hassle).  Anyway, it went down very well and it was a nice and relaxed evening before getting back to trying to sync ... etc.

And the other good news is that the biopsy taken of the inside of my mouth showed that I had simple Lichen Planus with no sign of a cancer.  The Oral surgeon wants to see me again in six months but booking that far ahead I was able to choose my day and time.

D2 is off to a conference in America in a couple of days and is planning to leave her two Classic Porsches in my parking bays.  A bit of Street Cred never goes astray.

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