Monday, August 22, 2016

Eureka - they're Back...!

My old files from pre-the Blue Screen of Death are back!  Or maybe they were there all the time and I just hadn't found them.  I have spent the evening just browsing through and enjoying having them safely there on my computer again.  Or, hopefully they are safe; I might load 'My Documents' onto a flash drive just to make sure.

Luckily all my travel photos are on CDs and my Family Tree is safe on although it took me about six hours to work out how to sync it.  Last time I needed to have Windows 10 reloaded it synced quickly and easily so I thought that it would be a doddle this time around.  Silly me!  It was only after I allowed hints and suggestions from that it allowed GEDCOM to sync my tree.  But it is all there and working so I am sending the B....more records back to their owner tomorrow.

D2 flies out tomorrow on her way to America for a conference on the use of Baclofen for alcohol addiction and has delivered her red car to 'the cage',  The silver one is being tweaked and may or may not be ready to come to my place for the duration  -  it may stay with its tweaker.  I think that she and Himself will be flying out on the same plane and both in Business Class.  D2 knows that there is the possibility but I haven't told Himself just in case they would both prefer to remain aloof from each other.  It is a long haul if you are stuck with someone you would rather not know and D2 intends to sleep all the way to Dubai.

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