Thursday, August 18, 2016

A Right Royal Stuffup

Microsoft has excelled itself this time.

I arrived home from a doctor's appointment yesterday afternoon to find that I had the Blue Screen of Death on my main computer so I tried to turn on my Surface Pro 3 (both Windows 10) and got the same thing.  Nothing I could do would persuade either computer to boot up.  My desktop computer connects to the internet (I think), tries to repair itself and then gives me five options.  I tried all except the 'save your files and reload Windows 10; I wasn't game to try that one on my own  -  and an off button.

I can't get into the Surface at all  -  not even the blue screen of death and it will not connect to the internet and no off button so I have had to leave it to its fate.

I phoned Techie who said that he had the blue screen with his Surface and can't remember what he did to get it up and running again but said that Microsoft had done a big upgrade this month.  Microsoft seems to have a death wish and is slowly destroying itself  -  unless the hackers have been doing their thing.  Anyway, Techie will try and get out here on Monday and hopefully he will be able to rescue my files and do a reload.

At least most of my family stuff syncs to and I have almost all of my Slush fund folder on a flash drive  -  I just hope that it is still there.  I spent the day before yesterday transcribing my paternal grandfather's will and will have to do that again.  At least I have the original,

But the good news is that the biopsy of the spot in my mouth is clear and I do not have a cancerous patch inside my cheek.

In the meanwhile my Windows 8.1 works and so does my Windows 7 laptop so I am not totally disconnected from the outside world but they both have small keyboards and are a bit slow.  I know that I could plug in a bigger keyboard but I will see what Techie can manage before I go for the big stuff.

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