Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Jack? What is wrong with John?

I have spent the morning transcribing my paternal grandfather's Will.  It arrived yesterday and is not a copy of the actual Will but arrived from the Probate Office in South Australia.  It is badly typed on a manual typewriter with dirty keys and did not photocopy well.  I am going to have to go through it line by line to make sure that I have transcribed it correctly since there are large blocks of text with little or no punctuation.  He has named my father as Jack and since his name was John I am not sure that it was truly legal.

When I am sure that I have it all correct I will be formatting it in HTML to put into an interlinked web page to be included in what I call my Slush Fund.  This will never go online (I don't think that html is very acceptable online any more anyway) because it has all the dirt on my forebears  -  a lot of it gleaned from old archived newspapers which reported births, marriages, deaths and court cases which are the most interesting, unlocking the darkest deeds which the family never talked about  -  or perhaps even knew about since divorce, bigamy and fraud were shameful secrets and never discussed.

I seem to be getting inundated with data at the moment.  I have a large document listing the B...more family and which I am slowly entering into Ancestry.com and a couple of days ago I was contacted by a man whose wife is a member of the same family as my Ex.  He contacted me to correct an error in my tree (the information I had was largely hearsay as my Ex is not interested and made some reasonable assumptions but they were only assumptions).  I spent yesterday correcting those errors on my FTM which will sync with ancestry.com so hopefully the record will now reflect the real facts as gleaned, by my correspondent, from Trove which is a wonderful site where the government is putting archived newspapers.  I have heard that funding is to be cut to the site and I hope and pray that funding is continued as it is a marvellous source of history which can not be found without intensive searching anywhere else.

My mail seems to be working after a fashion  although things like formatting seem to have disappeared and the ability to create new folders is a thing of the past , though this may change as Microsoft seems to still be working on improvements.

One very worrying thing is that I started receiving spam from one of my Hotmail accounts in what appears to be Portuguese, a language which I do not speak.  I spent about an hour with my IP trying to sort it out and ended up, after she had delved around a bit, changing my password.  The spam has stopped and I am holding my breath while I wait for more emails to come into my spam folder and worrying that my computer has become a Zombie.  If this has happened I will have to call on Techie to clean it all up  -  something which, after the year-long problems with Windows 10 and my email it probably needs anyway.

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