Wednesday, August 31, 2016

How to Hate windows 10 in Six Easy Lessons 2.

My computer goes on first thing in the morning and it stays on usually all day but if I don't send it to sleep it does it all by itself and I was getting tired of having to sign in every time it went to sleep so I decided to change its settings.  Surprise, Surprise -  it told me that I was not the administrator and that I was not allowed to change the settings. 

Today I tried to pay my bills online but it refused to allow me to sign in at my bank so I decided to do an error check  -  not allowed.  I am not the administrator!

I emailed Techie a couple of days ago about the issue but heard nothing.  At the same time I emailed a friend to suggest meeting for coffee and got no reply to that either.  I mentioned the previous email to Techie when I emailed him again today and he did not receive that previous email so I am assuming that my friend did not receive my invitation to coffee.  And that was via Gmail ... !  I thought that Gmail was incorruptible

Techie will try to get here to have a look tomorrow afternoon but in the meantime one thing which I WAS allowed to do was to extend the time before the computer puts itself to sleep.  It now has to entertain itself for four hours before it is allowed to drop off.  And I paid my Bills via my Surface Pro 3 which also has Windows 10 loaded but has less data on it and works better.  I hadn't connected it to my printer and so was not able to save the receipts.   At some stage I might invest in a wireless printer.  There is no hurry but the upgraded version of the one I have is wireless and not at all expensive.  For what I want it will be more than adequate.

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