Friday, September 2, 2016

Delusional Computers

I am now the Administrator and Queen of my computer and therefore am able to change settings although it still will not let me set it so that I do not have to sign in every time it puts itself to sleep but that is OK  -  I have set it to only go to sleep if I ignore it for four hours.  It is a bit wasteful, I know, but I am on and off it all day and I was finding it very irritating when it was set to go to sleep if I ignored it for 30 minutes.

Techie was very puzzled by the way it was behaving (he set it up but re-downloaded in a hurry after The Blue Screen Of Death) until he discovered that it was deluded into thinking that it had two screens.  He disconnected a cable which he had obviously neglected to do after he put Windows 10 onto a new computer for me  -  the hard drive of the old one was corrupted and refused to let Windows 10 download itself and now it is certainly behaving better than it did previously.

I have now put all the files and folders which I need to save into one folder and copied it onto a flash drive  which I intend to backup weekly so that in the event of another crash I will not lose more than one week's work.  It takes an extra step to get to them but at least they should be safe from possible annihilation in the future.  I am gradually going through what is there and removing anything which is no longer relevant  -  there are folders which I haven't used for five or six  years but which, since they were on my desktop in the computer's various earlier incarnations, have been carried down with the more relevant files.

I am still transcribing the Will of my Great Uncle RM and have had to turn off the automatic formatting which now seems to be the default setting  and is extremely irritating.  However, I have turned the spell checker on and it is slowly losing its mind over the legalese which it is having to contend with.  Words like apportionment, therefrom,  heretofore, stirpes, appurtenances, thereinbefore, donees and reversionary.

I have only got one page to go and then a two-page codicil after which I will start on my maternal grandfather's Will which, I suspect, was a collusion between his best friend (a lawyer) and my grandmother.  He had a stroke which knocked out most of his brain about three years before he died and since the Will was entirely reasonable I suspect that it was not questioned in regard to his state of mind at the time of creating and signing it. 

This whole exercise, if it provides no other benefit, is improving my touch typing no end.

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