Sunday, September 4, 2016

HTML and all its works

I have an extensive Web Site which I created many years ago when I first learnt to write HTML (Thank you Connie) but recently I have been unable to edit it due to changing times and my File Transfer protocol no longer works.  One day I will contact my Internet Provider and find out how to do it in these enlightened times when everything is harder and the Microsoft programmers think that they are doing us all a service.  I don't like CSS!!  HTML is a bit like making a cake -  you never know just how it is going to turn out until you have done all the work and cooked it  -  and it is fun.

However, enough of that. 

Some years ago when I started researching and writing my Slush Fund I conceived the idea of putting it into HTML format so that I could load it onto flash drives and give copies to my relatives, complete with links to navigate.  I set up a lot of pages all ready to go and even put the data into some of them but then I started on the Wills and decided to include them as some of them give interesting insights into the relationships between various members of my family and to  perhaps answer my brother's question "How did we get so much land?"  Of course, we didn't; my grandfather farmed the land of a brother and sister so that his holding looked much bigger than it was.

Having transcribed several Wills I turned my attention back to formatting them into HTML to add to the Slush Fund, only to find out that I had almost forgotten how to do it.  I still have all the 'how to' books, the templates for the Slush Fund pages and a basic memory of the tags but was not able to remember how to convert the formatted data into a web page.  I spent yesterday evening playing around with it and, with what I have already done over the years (thank you 'view source') I think that I am ready to get back to building up the Family History Pages  -  the stories which were never talked about and probably best forgotten.

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