Thursday, September 15, 2016

Sick Computers and Immunity

It is ten years since I had immunisation boosters so I went along to my doctor yesterday and had a shot which covered Tetanus, Diphtheria and Whooping Cough.  I also wanted Polio but there is no vaccine available at the moment so I have a prescription in my hot little hand and will have it as soon as it becomes available again.  I am probably well covered anyway because I top everything up every ten years and have done so except for Whooping Cough which is becoming deadly again as more adults contract it and pass it on to babies too young to be immunised.  It is now recommended that all pregnant women be immunised in their third trimester and as Toecutter has it at the moment it brought home to me that none of us is immune since it used only to be given to children.

Great fun and games at COTA today.  To begin with I had an audience  -  a very nice man who used to be a programmer and who thought that he might be useful teaching computer.  He wanted to know what the lessons involved.  His comment afterwards was "You need to be very flexible"  because we try to field and sort any problems our clients have and never know what is going to be thrown at us.  He uses an Apple Mac and since we do not have a Mac teacher he should be in great demand.  COTA, of course, doesn't have a Mac but he is prepared to bring his in with him.

I am going to have to start taking my Win 7 as well as my Win 10 if things continue as bad as they were today.  The computer which I usually use refused to load and demanded that the Administrator sign in.  Of course no one knows the password so it was left to sit unfulfilled while I moved to the one which Himself usually uses.  Providentially he is in England at the moment.

That computer is not much better  -  very slow to load and with the ABC as its home page which is slow loading even on a fast computer.  I tried to change the Home Page to Google but it refused to let me do so and when I was showing my client how to do an error check I found that there are six almost full drives with only about 20% capacity left.  Once a computer reaches 80% capacity it ceases to work in any useful way so we are stuck with two non-functioning computers.  If they are not fixed before Himself comes back we might as well fold our tents and softly steal away.  And I can't even complain that it is all the fault of Microsoft and Windows 10  -  I was trying to teach Windows 7.

My Windows 10 computer has spent the last 12 hours or so upgrading itself and other than re-arranging the "start" part of the Tiles Settings I can't see much difference.  The settings, after I got over the shock of seeing the Apps menu up the top and an inactive Tiles button it makes sense  -  more so than the way it was before, anyway.  Maybe if Microsoft has got that right they might eventually fix some other things.

But the Lilypond still has not synced my iinet email.  Too much to hope for but maybe one day ... 

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