Friday, September 23, 2016

Synced at last. :)

Yesterday I deleted my IP account from the Lilypond Mail app but changed my mind and reinstalled it . . . and it synced.  Finally!  After six months !

The problem was that there was a great number of old emails which appeared so I deleted them to give the page a fresh start.  Sadly that  deleted everything including my folders and their contents and also synced with MS Office so that I lost everything in MS Outlook as well.  Luckily most of my mail goes to Gmail now and I print off my online shopping receipts so that I have a hard copy.  However, I had neglected to print off the receipt for D1's birthday present, some ankle bells for her Bollywood Dance classes.

I looked on my other computers but they had all been wiped as well and I eventually found a copy of the receipt still in my Webmail and have printed it off so that I have a record.  There is also a record on the PayPal site but was hard to isolate in order to print it so I am doubly covered.  I am very happy using PayPal as the site keeps records and notes when and if things are delivered.  It was originally set up to cover people who use E-Bay, both sellers and buyers and is some protection against spyware as one's information is stored at PayPal.

The main problem with The Fishpond is that formatting is very limited and there seems to be no way to set default font and colour.  Maybe that will come with time but perhaps people who use Windows 10 on a smartphone are not fussed about prettying up their emails.  I haven't checked out the formatting on my I-Pad since I rarely use it for emails but it probably doesn't have formatting either.

I am currently being harassed by someone claiming to be from Microsoft and who is very eager to con me into letting him into my computer (he doesn't specify which one) to clear it of 'dangerous malware'.  He talks like the newsreader from North Korea who always sounds as though she is verbally attacking her audience.  I think that the pseudo-Microsoft representative is reading from a script since he moved onto the "turn on your computer" and was starting on the "remote connect" instructions when I got tired of him and hung up.

He sounds exactly like the person who was harassing me about unpaid tax and threatening me with prison if I didn't either front up at the taxation office with my lawyer or, as I understand it, pay the outstanding amount direct to him.  The last I heard of this scam it had harvested almost $1,000,000 from terrified and gullible people in Australia alone.

To anyone who is reading this and who is gullible and terrified, say that you will phone him back to check that he is genuine, ask for and  take his phone number (which will connect straight back to him) but phone Microsoft direct and ask them if, in fact, they are phoning people to sort out Malware issues on their computers. 

Always check before letting anyone remotely connect to your computer, particularly if it is a cold call from someone you do not know.  I let my technician connect remotely but I phone him to sort out my computer problems and I have to physically give my permission to him to connect.  And I know him and know exactly who he is and that he can be trusted not to damage my computer or to insert spyware or malware or to hold my computer to ransom by making it inoperable unless I pay to have it unlocked.

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