Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Bit More Zoology

Continuing on from my last post there is a bit more animal lore in the financial report on fixed incomes:-

"In Japan, we favor flatteners out to the 20-year point via being long 20s on the 2s20s30s 50:50 butterfly."

American spelling and all.  I am sure that most people in the USA do not really talk like that  -  or not.  I watched a film clip of a man explaining that President Obama was to blame for the 9/11 Twin Towers disaster because he was always out of the office and took too many holidays. 

Our Lotto lunch was today and with seven of us there (we usually have six or less) I had to push two tables together to form a square to fit us all in and it was great fun but I suspect that some of the group out-stayed their three hour free parking limit.  The next one is at the end of November and our newest recruit is organising it.  I usually pop downstairs to secure a table at 11.45 but the NR was there before me.  She catches a bus so, like me, she sometimes arrives too early because the buses don't run as often as the trains.

A big storm in South Australia has left the whole state without power but I think that my brother was on Facebook earlier this evening so some at least must have their power back or they have solar storage batteries.  We had a 16 degree maximum and tomorrow morning it is going to be 4 degrees but I can sleep in a bit as I only have one COTA client tomorrow.  I am not sure if it is going to be the person with the Samsung Galaxy or not but I will take my tablets in just in case.

I am still being harassed by spamming phone calls and so is D2 so I will not be picking up the phone for the next week or so until the fake Microsoft representative gets tired of me and moves on to another victim.  They must realise after a while that their calls are fruitless and move on to someone else.

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